Visor Caps Dissected
In able to fully understand the descriptions found in the "Cap Museum", the following little primer on visor cap construction may be useful to you.

Glossary of terms.

  • Band: the middle part of the cap, to which both the crown and the visor are attached. Often colored according to service or branch of wearer.
  • Cords/Chinstrap:: the woven metallic threads, leather, or plastic attachment above the visor, in front of the band. Attached by two buttons on the side of the cap. Only rarely used to actually hold the cap on head!
  • Crown: the upper part of the cap, above the band. It is "usually" the same color as the uniform jacket.
  • Cockade/Emblem: The metal or plastic symbol attached to the band, or less commonly, the crown of the cap. A cockade is a specific type of emblem that is usually round or oval in shape and displays the wearer's national colors or device (like a Red Star). In Soviet military parlance, "emblem" typically referred to the wreath surrounding a cockade.
  • Piping: colored fabric sewn along the edge of the crown and, sometimes, to the band of the cap. Usually reflects service/branch of wearer.
  • Visor: the plastic, cardboard or leather sunshade at the front of the cap.

  • Lining: the cloth or silk interior of the cap.
  • Maker's Label: fabric or leather patch attached to lining showing name of manufacturer and size of the cap. May also give city and date of manufacture.
  • Inventory Tag: paper tag attached at factory listing product number, size, price, etc. Removed from most hats.
  • Sweatband: imitation or real leather band attached to the lining and inside of band to protect the cap from sweat stains.